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Nov 11, 2019 08:50

So, the interface with cognitive science, since we need to come to that, it was, I suppose, the subject of -- we have to deal in such a short time -- with brain plasticity. The brain was thought to be more or less fixed. All the nominal connections, in numbers and quantities, were thought, until the last 20 years, to be more or less fixed when we reached adult age.

然後,才到跟認知科學的交集 我想既然一定要談到這個主題 我們必須在很短時間內談談下一個的主題 也就是大腦的可塑性。一般認為大腦可塑性不高 所有對數和量等所謂的連結, 普遍認為一但成年,可塑性就不高,直到過去 20 年間 不過最近卻發現事實並非如此。
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