An Interview of Liu, Feng-Shueh

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Mar 13, 2017 23:53
An Interview of Liu, Feng-Shueh
Last Sunday, I saw a book called “An Interview of Liu, Feng-Shueh.” Liu, Feng-Shueh is the first generation female dancer. Besides, she has not only received western modern dance education, but also endeavored in reconstructing dance and music in Tang dynasty. She also delves the aboriginal people’s dance in Taiwan. In 1976, she founded Neo-Classical Dance Company. Until now, she has been never tired in choreography, research and education relating to dance. I still remember first time watch their performance, “Tang Grand Piece-Liquidambar- Construction of Tang Music and Dance”. I was shocked. The dance in ancient China is like that. It totally broke my impression about dance. I was fascinated with the reserved, calm and elegant movements. I have a similar feeling when reading this book. I can feel her passion and gentleness in dance. In addition to many dialogues which resonate with me, I learned more about the dazzlingly abundant world of the dance.
I want to read this book carefully.

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