Taiwan's North Coast Tour

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Jan 31, 2017 21:36
Taiwan's North Coast Tour
Today we toured Taiwan’s North Cost. We went to the Dharma Drum Mountain which is one of the important schools of Buddhism. The landscape had modern and beautiful designs. Since the place was so big, we could visit all the places. For me, the most intriguing part is the history of Dharma Drum Mountain which mainly inherits the Zen from China. Because I know nothing about the modern history about Buddhism in China and Taiwan, I was interested. For those people who are interested in religious culture, and especially the variation of religions, I’m sure that they would like this place. Then we ate seafood as lunch. But the prices was expensive. We all thought the dishes were worth the price. After finishing our lunch, we went to a café called “Daydream”. The café was an abolished elementary school. The small tables and chairs were preserved and painted colorful. I really loved the cute chairs and tables. Finally, we went home along Yangmingshan. Thus we saw not only the beautiful scenes of the sea but also the mountains.