British Afternoon Tea

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May 29, 2017 23:12
British Afternoon Tea
This afternoon, my father, brother, my cousin from the United States, and I went to Takashimaya’s British tea shop to drink afternoon tea. When I visited the United Kingdom many years ago, I didn’t try afternoon tea because the price was too expensive. So today was my first time. There were sandwiches, scones, kitsch on the tea stand. We also ate Scottish eggs. They were all delicious. We ordered different tea. I chose exotic milk tea which had stronger flavor of species. Then we talked many topics. This might be the first time I chatted in English for so long. My voice became hoarse. However, my English was not good enough to express some proper nouns or complicated things. For example, I wanted to say the democratization in Taiwan, and I could introduce it very well. Finally, I showed the English page on Wikipedia. My cousin is a college freshman, but he has his own thought. We extended our vision by talking with him.