A Sad News

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Jun 10, 2017 22:36
A Sad News
The director, Chi Po-lin, who shot the film, Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above, died in an aircraft crash today. Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above Is the first aerial photography documentary in Taiwan. I was shocked when the first time i watched it in 2013. He showed us a totally different view to see Taiwan. It is an unfamiliar perspective to meet the land we had thought most familiars with. We just like birds flying around the island, and know it once again. We finally know how amazingly beautiful and magnificent the land we are living. But the most heartbreaking thing is how we are harming this land by different kinds of pollution. The director was a public servant. At first aerial photography was his hobby. He made the decision to make a documentary after he saw catastrophic scenes of mountains and forests
Typhoon-Morakot-caused flood in Taiwan in 2008.
Today he was originally plan to shoot the second sequel of the film which was expected to photography not only Taiwan but several countries around Asian Pacific Region.
I was very sorry to hear the news.

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