I Watched a Movie

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Oct 18, 2016 18:11
I Watched a Movie
During my flight to Japan, I watched an English romance movie, called “Me before you.” I think that it is nice. It refers to issues of the disabled people, euthanasia and dignity of life. Though these issues are serious, the movie does not make people feel bored.
But I have an English question of the title of the film. Why does it use ‘me’, the accusative case, instead of ‘I’? I do not understand the grammar there.
在我飛去日本的時候,我看了一步英國愛情電影叫「Me before you」。我覺得這部電影很好看,它提及了身障人士、安樂死和生命尊嚴等議題,雖然議題很嚴肅,但是不會讓人覺得無聊。不過我有個關於電影名子的英文問題。為什麼要用受格的「我」而不是主格的「我」呢?我不太懂這裡的文法。