Recording My Ordinary Life

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Oct 31, 2017 18:13
Recording My Ordinary Life
1. It has been raining these two weeks. The temperature becomes lower suddenly. I finally feel the coming of the autumn. It is amazing to see the changing of the weather. It is time to change season.
2. Using changing seasons as an excuse. These days I bought cardigan, dress, and upper outer garment. I was happy to buy new beautiful clothe, but feel a bit guilty at the same time because it seems a bit squander.
3. I have not read comic books for a long time. I start to read many comic books. I still think they are very interesting.
4. It is near the end of decorating our old apartment. Decorating our own house little by little is a happy thing. We have not bought new furniture.
1. 這兩週雨下個不停,氣溫驟降,終於感受到秋天來了。覺得天氣的變化很不可思議,該要換季了。
2. 最近,以換季為藉口,買了幾件薄外套、洋裝、上衣,買了漂亮的新衣固然開心,但是覺得有點浪費錢,罪惡感油然而升。
3. 好久沒看漫畫了,最近很開心地看漫畫,還是覺得好有趣呀!
4. 舊家的裝潢進入尾聲了,現在進行最後的工程,一點一滴打造自己家的感覺很幸福。家具尚待添購。
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