Sentences which I cannot say in English1

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Aug 2, 2016 17:11
Sentences which I cannot say in English1
I am often stuck when I speak English. I do not know how to express appropriately.
Examples as followings:
1. How do I say that in English?
2. Is it correct that I say so.
3. How long is the summer’s festival
4. How tall are you? How weight are you?
5. It depends. Not necessarily.
6. I am going to take part in a hearing after three days.
1. 這句話要怎麼說?
2. 這句話對話這樣講對嗎?
3. 夏天的祭典有多久呢?
4. 你的身高多高?體重多重呢?
5. 看情況。不一定。
6. 再過三天要去參加聽證會。
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