Ichi-go ichi-e

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Dec 18, 2017 13:01

A few days ago, I shared with my first experiences I did this year. Some of them are very trivial things such as eating foreign cuisines l hadn’t tried before. Yesterday, my father told me that he would retire soon, so he felt that many things he did were the last times. For example, now he thought every meeting he attended was the last one. He felt that I was like sunrise and eager to try new things, but he was like sunset and had to say goodbye to many people and things.
However, I didn’t completely agree with him. I raised a counter-example. We went to watch the neo-classical dance company’s performance “Roshenmon” the day before yesterday. This was our first time to see this performance and very likely the last time too. I felt that my life was also full of the last times and my father would welcome many new beginnings.
At this moment, a Japanese expression “Ichi-go ichi-e” came up with my mind.
Perhaps, many encounters in our lives are the first time and the last time at the same time. When I recognized it, I felt thankful. I appreciate that I could encounter many kind people and beautiful things.