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May 22, 2017 17:00
Recently I watched some interesting video clips on Youtube. I just know there is emerging occupation called Youtuber or vloger which means people who often made video clips and shared them on video sharing websites. The popularity can be comparable to traditional stars who are created by mass media. It seems that more and more people transfer from mass media to media. The communications of new media is more organic and freer. Usually most of the Youtubers or vlogers are ordinary people, so it makes audience feel closer than watching the gorgeous stars. I think that starts present the beautiful fantasy. People more or less desire the beautiful things which are far from our daily life. We appreciate them in certain distance, and those things somehow encourage or comfort us. On the contrary, there seems less distance between Youtubers and us since they are ordinary people like you and me. Most topics they made are practical and close to our daily life.
The phenomenon makes me feel that living in contemporary, it is getting more important that we have to create stage for our own rather relying on stage offered by others.
最近我看了一些Youtube上有趣的影片,我才知道有種新興行業叫作Youtuber 或 vloger,也就是自製影片並常常上傳分享的人。而且他們的人氣比得上大眾傳媒捧出的明星。新媒體的傳播比起舊傳媒顯得更加有機且自由。通常這些Youtuber 或 vloger大多是素人,比起華麗炫目的明星,他們更讓觀眾感到親切。我覺得明星表現了美麗的幻想,人或多或少渴望遠離日常生活的美好。我們站在遠處欣賞,多少給了我們一些鼓勵和安慰。反之,我們和Youtuber比較沒有距離,因為他們就像你我一樣的普通人。他們做的許多主題通常比較實際,而且接近我們的日常。這種現象讓我感到活在現今社會要去創造自己的舞台,而不是依賴別人提供的舞台呀!
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