A Concert

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Aug 13, 2017 00:44
A Concert
My colleague gave me two concert tickets. So my college friend and I went to Rene Liu’s concert. Since we had few chances to go to star concert, both of us were interested. My impression for Rene Liu was a skilled actress who has received awards for best actress many times. In fact, she is a famous singer too. This concert was special that she dressed as a male and sang male songs. In the ending part, she dressed female clothes back and sang her popular songs. We really had a good time. After going home, I was happily shared about it with my father and uncle who visited our home now. I asked them to introduce songs they liked to me. Then, a cross generation music exchange started.
They introduced me old songs in their generation. And I introduced British Rock, rap, aboriginal and animation songs. Because of the fast rhythm, they couldn’t accept rap, but surprisingly they could accept the theme song of Slam Dunk (an Anime). My uncle thought that it was a song which can encourage people, and mixing the passion of sports and love. It was a funny exchange.