Listen to Music: Jolin Tsai《玫瑰少年 Womxnly》

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Jul 14, 2019 22:03
It is my recently favorite song.
Womxnly is based on a school bully event. The song merges instruments from Southeast Aisa, house music and reggae. The music and dance are powerful. The lyric is emotional. This song wins Album of the Year of Golden Melody Award this year.

“All of us can be minority in certain extend, so that we need to have empathy to love people around us.”
”This song is written for those who had thought themselves having no opportunities and choices. Whatever happens,you must choice yourself and support yourself ”
By Jolin Tsai
聽音樂:Jolin Tsai《玫瑰少年 Womxnly》
《玫瑰少年 Womxnly》改編自台灣葉永鋕社會事件。融合南洋樂器、熱帶浩室與舞場雷鬼。不管是音樂、舞蹈都充滿力道,歌詞也充滿感情。


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