Last weekend, to host this year’s Taiwan Festival” Sing Along with ...

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Apr 16, 2019 18:55
Last weekend, to host this year’s Taiwan Festival” Sing Along with Taiwan Tone,” I had a business trip to Macau. During these three days, we held seven cultural activities including“Sing Along with Taiwan Tone” Concert,“My Tongue in My Songs” Culture Talk on the Languages of Music, Exhibition of Multi-lingual Music & Record from Taiwan, “Forever Love (2012)” Film Screening, “Sounds of the Sea, Sounds of the Mountain, Sounds of the City” Multi-lingual Reading in Macau, Historic Architecture Tours.
When we disembarked, it rained heavily. The stage equipment could not be set because of this torrential rain. Stage crew hided under the stage tent which was put up last day urgently.
Fortunately, the pouring rain finally stopped before the ceremony opening. After the big rain, there are no starlight on the night sky, but breeze was cool.
“Sing Along with Taiwan Tone” concert features three Golden Melody Award winners: Huang Shan Liang for Best Male Taiwanese Singer; Sirong Lo, for Best Hakka Singer and Best Hakka Album, and, Paiwan singer Seredau, the winner of Best Aboriginal Singer. The glamorous charm of the diverse languages and music style will be fully showcased in it.
I was moved and almost busted into tears by listening to the beautiful songs they brought to us.
To be continued