Foreigners’ Travel Notes about Taiwan

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Nov 7, 2017 15:48
Foreigners’ Travel Notes about Taiwan
I like reading foreigners travel notes about Taiwan. Since sometimes foreigners use the viewpoints which are different from Taiwanese people to reveal unnoticed pleasure. I am a Taiwanese, but I have not traveled to many places in Taiwan. I also learn many things from their travel notes.
Yesterday, I read a shot comics illustrated by the comics artist, わたなべ志穂. She felt regretted that she had visited Jiufen in Taiwan but had no food to feed those stray dogs. Then, she traveled Taiwan once again and brought some dog snacks. At first, she found a fat dog seemed eating something. She called the dog, but it didn’t respond. She realized that the Taiwanese dogs might not understand Japanese. So she touched the dogs and friendly fed it her dog snack from Japan. Surprisingly, the dog didn’t want to it. She tried to feed other dogs. All of them did not want to eat the snack.
It was very interesting when I imagined that funny situation.