Three Ways to Be Happy

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Aug 23, 2017 19:27
Three Ways to Be Happy
I continue the topic of knowledge talk shows I talked yesterday. I share one my favorite video which introduces quintessence of a book called “Three Friends in Search of Wisdom”. I was inspired. I want to read the book more after watching the show. The followings are my memos.
1. The feelings of unhappiness are from the mistaking expectations.
2. Learn to get along with the emotions peacefully.
3. Observe your own emotions and know yourself more. Writing diary is a good way to do this.
4. There is no unchanging “self”, so don’t be too self center like self-conceited or self-inferior.
5. “self” is like a vehicle which is indispensable in life but you cannot forget your destination due to it, or you should harm others by it.
6. Don’t think from “I” only but “we”.
1. 不幸的感覺來自於錯誤的期待。
2. 和情緒和平共處
3. 觀察自己的情緒,更了解自己,寫日記是很好的方法。
4. 沒有永遠不變的自我,所以不能過度自我中心如自卑或自傲。
5. 「自我」就像交通工具,是生命前進不可欠缺之物,但是不能因為它而忘記當初想去的目的地,也不能傷害別人。
6. 不要只從「我」而是從「我們」來思考。

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