Sentences which I cannot say in English (5)

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Sep 22, 2016 16:13
Sentences which I cannot say in English (5)
1. How long have you learned Chinese?
2. I have learned English for ten years, but my English is till poor.
3. He will do health checkup tomorrow. For cleaning his insides, he cannot eat food with fibers.
4. Do you have any taboo of eating food? Yes, I do not eat internal organs/ viscera.
5. Are you used to living here? What’s impress you most?
6. Excellent!
Practices of making sentence
Sometimes I learn new vocabularies and phrases without knowing how to use them. So I try to use these words making sentences.
1. secular: He does not pay much attention to secular affairs.
2. at the mercy of: The country is at the mercy of the magnate.
3. Spellbound: I am spellbound by the beautiful scene.
1. 你學中文多久了?
2. 我學英文10年了,但是我的英文還是不好
3. 他明天要做健康檢查,所以要清空身體,不能吃有纖維的食物。
4. 你有沒有飲食的禁忌?我不吃內臟。
5. 你在這裡住的習慣嗎?印象最深刻的是什麼?
6. 好厲害
1. Secular
2. at the mercy of
3. spellbound
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