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Sep 18, 2016 22:20
These two days I completely indulged in reading ancient Chinese history. I had read Emperor Gaozu (the founder and first emperor of the Han dynasty 256 or 247 – 1 June 195 BC) and Emperor Wen of Han (202–157 BC). Even though these two emperors had different personalities, both of them are magnanimous people. Emperor Gaozu was an ordinary person at first, and built the Han dynasty. He did not like reading books, but had open mind, being able to accept the best stratagems. All the critical decisions made during his tenure were not his thought by himself but others’ ideas. When knew his mistakes, he could offer apologizes to his subordinate staffs. A great leader is modest enough to take counsel with anyone. It is said that “be glad to have one’s errors pointed out”. I think that it is not easy to have this kind of virtue. Generally, most of people would fly into a rage of humiliation. But only get rid of dominance of emotion, we can take it up a notch.
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