Crafts class

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Jul 9, 2016 21:43
Crafts class
Today, I went to a crafts class. This class is mainly for people who have disabilities in order to enrich their spiritual life through doing crafts. For some reasons, I got the opportunity to join this class today. We used mosaics to make frames and learn how to make paper flowers. It made me feel the innocence like returning to my school days.
A boy who sat nearby me kept repeatedly asking his teacher,' can I listen to the music? '. And his teacher answered gently, ‘After we finish the class, we will listen to the music. ’ during the 2 hours class, this dialogue continuously repeated once again every 1 minute. I did not feel bothered because I could guess the situation of that boy, even though I admired patience of the teacher very much. I also reflected myself. If the situation had happened in common people, we might not have the same patience because we presumed that saying one time is enough to understand. However, it was not true in reality. To common people, we forget easily to treat others with consideration. Therefore, what the boy taught me is that when we try to understand others more, including personalities, values, cultures and so forth, we will have more inclusive minds.