A Reflection of My Business Trip(1)

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Nov 30, 2017 22:59
I came back from my business trip. It was precious experience. If I have more time, I want to write more details. Now I just write down what I think according to my intuition. Since this time’s schedule is quite tight, so I was relatively nervous. The first day did not go smoothly. Since it was in weekend, I could not buy the tickets of high speed rail at time we planned to go. Unfortunately, I needed to delay the next schedules. But we had to watch the performance on time. Finally, we started to eat lunch at 3:00. Though the foreign guests were very easy going and did not complain anything about that. I felt very sorry for them. The other thing frustrating me is my limited English ability and narrow experiences, so I could not chat with the guests freely and happily as the young translator. I really felt that I should put more effort to learn.
回來了! 出差終於結束了,真是可貴經驗。如果有時間的話,想要更詳細地寫下感想。今天的日記先憑著直覺想到什麼寫什麼。因為這次的行程很緊湊,所以比較緊張,第一天並不是那麼順利,因為在周末買不到預定出發時間的高鐵票,只好延遲整個行程,但為了要看表演,導致午餐後來從3點開始吃,雖然客人完全不在乎,但是我內心覺得非常內疚。另一個感到挫折的理由是感到自己不但英文能力不足而且見識很窄,沒辦法像年輕的翻譯和外賓天南地北聊天。覺得自己真的有必要再好好加油。