The Courage of being dislike?

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Dec 24, 2018 18:52
The Courage of being dislike? (2)
It was a bit annoying but I tried to not let the negative emotion stay too long.
However, in the afternoon, my colleague came to my room and pointed out that I should review myself and defend for the female guard.
I didn’t know why it pissed me off for not telling me directly but trying to influencing me through others.
In the end, I told my colleague and the female guard face to face by saying that they can tell me directly if they have any complaints. I used a calm and firm way to tell them what I want to say. They seemed being shocked. Probably, they didn’t think someone would discuss it openly.
After this boring event, I guess I will be dislike further. Our relationship may become worse. But I felt a bit relief after saying that.
被討厭的勇氣? (續)