Translation Practice20: How to Improve Confidence?

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Mar 29, 2017 18:11
Translation Practice20: How to Improve Confidence?
1. Notice your Strengths
Put down your ten strengths and often recall them. It’s helpful to improve your confidence. It’s called “Confidence Contagion Effect.”
2. Keep confident image
First, keep your appearance clean and decent. Second, present confident like seeing the front side while walking. it also works by keeping a healthy and beautiful body.
3. Smiling
Smiling can increase feeling of happiness.
4. Reflect your feelings
Think of the reasons why makes you depress, and find out the solutions. You can ask other’s helps. Don’t be a negative victim.
5. Be active to face your difficulty
Remind the determination you had conquered difficulties before. Only persistence can lead to progressing. Success is no long from you.
1. 關注自己的優點

2. 樹立自信的形象

3. 學會微笑

4. 檢查自己的感覺

5. 積極面對工作的難處