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Jul 22, 2018 21:20
I have not played badminton for a long time, playing badminton brings me too much nostalgia, and makes me recollect many memories.
When I was a child, when my father took me to play badminton, I often showed my reluctant face. As I grew, academic pressured became a “proper” excuse for slacking off. After that, my family had been busy in daily affairs, neglecting the importance of taking care of themselves until they had no choice but faced the problems on their bodies.
When I was at young and rebellious age, I would never imagine that how I would miss playing badminton and enjoy this rewarding excise, and moreover, how I desire play once again with my father.
Sushi said“water is always on the run like this, but never lost in its course”in his My First Visit to the Red Cliff (前赤壁賦).
What I only can do is treasuring every moment!