Learning English From My Cousin

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May 23, 2017 18:17
Learning English From My Cousin
My cousin is an American. He entered to the university last year. Because he is in vocation now, he and my aunt visit to our house. Last night I told him that I wanted to learn English from him. Then we chatted in English, but sometimes in Mandarin. He taught me some words such as sarcasm and sassy. They seem as kind of humor when talking with others. I looked up dictionary, but couldn’t understand the meaning of “sassy” very well. How do you use this word, and in what kind of situation?
It is difficult for me to understand humor in other cultures. Sometimes I even know humor in my culture. Some people said that I tend to be serious. But actually I like humor.
Later, we talked about personality of introvert, extrovert and ambivert, and the American society inclines to extrovert. For me, ”ambivert” seems slippery word. I think that introvert people have vivid or talkative side, while extrovert people have quite side too.
So I could imagine what it looks like.
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