Conversation Practice:Emoji

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May 10, 2017 20:48
Conversation Practice:Emoji
A: Do you use emoji when communicating with others?
B: I use emoji when communicating with others. I think that written words cannot fully express one’s emotion. That difference is similar to the difference between making a phone call or face to face and writing an email (without emoji). That’s the reason why written words relatively make people feel detached unless you have much literary skill. Additionally, I feel that emoji can make expression softer. It seems less offended and friendly. So I love using emoji. My Lang8’s name is a emoji too.
A:Can you share some your favorite emojis? And Why you like them?
B: “d(`・∀・)b” is one of my favorite emojis. This face is so cute. I like the creativity of using “d” and “b” as one’s thumbs up. I use this emoji when I feel appreciate someone very much.
A:Do you think emoji can be different according different cultures?
B: One interesting thing of emoji is people can create different emoji by their own languages’ characters. Here is one good example. (*´ω`)人(´ω`*)
You can see that two little cute faces holding hands together. When I see this emoji I feel warm because I can feel the interaction and connection between people. And that holding hands are “人”(human). It perfectly expresses the meaning of people supporting and closing each other.
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