Political Science in My Memory (2)

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Mar 25, 2017 23:30
Political Science in My Memory (2)
The professor usually uses current events, courtship, and daily life behavior as examples to teach us. Sometimes, his speech is exaggerated and undisguised which seems very radical. Some people feel displeased and cannot stand it anymore. But I think that he wants to stimulate students to think deeper and he also says the reality which most people don’t want to admit. Therefore, his class always makes me speculate. In my view, he is a person with deep affection so he love well and whip well to students. I was lucky that I could take his class during my college time.
However, I feel embarrassed that I don’t practice his requirement. Perhaps, I retreat because frustrations or I am lazy to try. I don’t live my best life. I am reflecting myself.
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