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Nov 8, 2017 18:24
What kind of beverage do you like to drink?
I like drinking tea. I almost drink tea every day. I like drinking milk tea too. In Taiwan, there are many handmade drinks shops, and the variety may make you dazzle. Taiwanese people invent various kinds of milk tea such as Oolong milk tea, Jin Xuan milk tea, and Pu'er milk tea. The flavors are quite different from the traditional milk tea. Recently I don’t drink handmade drinks so often, because it becomes more expensive than before. And the calories of those drinks are very high, so people gain weight easily. However, sometimes I am on a whim to want to drink bubble tea.
大家喜歡喝什麼飲料? 我喜歡核查,我幾乎每天都喝茶。我也喜歡喝奶茶。在臺灣有很多手搖飲料店,種類之多令人眼花撩亂。而且臺灣人還發明了很多種奶茶,像是烏龍奶茶、金萱奶茶、普洱奶等,口味和傳統奶茶不大一樣。