Buying Clothes

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Sep 4, 2016 23:54
Buying Clothes
Today I went to Tamsui to buy clothes. I selected clothes fastly. When I tried the third cloth, thinking whether should I buy it or not. One of the clerk came to me and said in an aggressive attitude ”I think what you tried before are good. Why don’t you like them?” And she said, ”I think you just selected randomly. You can directly tell me what you want, and I will suggest to you.” I said, “Sorry for let you folding clothes, I want to select myself”. As I tried the fourth dress, she came to me straightly, and said “then do you like this one?” I felt awkward, and did know what I should do. I felt a bit nervously and replied in a funny way “I am not used to being taken too much care by a clerk because I am a low-profiled person. It makes me feel pressured.” She said,” you do not need to feel that.” I felt that my mood was spoiled, and wanted to go home. But it was a shame since I went a long way to come to this shop. When I tried another cloth, I heard the other clerk tell her that it was better not pushing our quest too much. After that, the other clerk came to serve me. Her voice was calm and gentle. I found that she would let guests selecting what they want while giving praises and suggestions duly. Then guest could feel comfortable and buy more unconsciously. I think that she is a good clerk who can interact with her guests properly. That is also what I should learn too.