A Chinese Grammar “的”

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Aug 27, 2017 03:19
A Chinese Grammar “的”
Today I was asked a question of Chinese grammar. The language exchange partner asked me that why there is “的“ in this sentence “我會去的.” What does it mean?
And I did not know how to explain out of the blue.
After going home, I looked up an online dictionary and discussed this question with my bother. I finally know how to explain the grammar.
The “的“in “我會去的.” Is an ending auxiliary word. You can abridge it, and that doesn’t change the meaning, but we often use it.
If you want to know more about the usage of “的”, here is a good website.
今天我被問到一個中文文法,我的語伴問我「我會去的」,為什麼有「的」,是甚麼意思。我一時之間無法回答。回到家後,我上網查了字典又跟哥哥討論了一下,終於知道怎麼解釋。 這句話的「的」是語尾助詞,所以如果沒有「的」也不會影響句子的意思。但我沒習慣會這樣說。如果想知道更多跟「的」有關的文法,可以參考以下不錯的網站。