An Intriguing Serendipity

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Dec 17, 2017 02:28
Today, my colleague who was in charge of Japanese affairs had guests from Japan. I asked thoughtlessly “would you like any help?” , and had a look of the seating plan. I found the translator’s names was familiar, and recalled that he was my college friend’s friend. I had asked him about language exchanges and if he could introduce Japanese who was learning Mandarin in the beginning of the year. However, I didn’t get responds and I found my language exchange partner by myself. I almost forgot him. What a coincidence, I might meet him because of official business, so I told this message to my friend through Wechat. My friend was funny guy. He said I could tell his Japanese friend that he owned him birthday present. Since it was courtesy call and it was quite busy, I thought we probably would not have so much time say hello or told him this joke. But when the meeting was over, we exchanged business cards. When we were waiting the elevator with these Japanese guest, I told him my friend let me to say. His expression was interesting.
Today, my colleague and this Japanese translator did the interpretation. I really appreciated them.
It is intriguing serendipity to say hello with my friend’s friend in this kind of situation.

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