Last week, my cousin had a business trip to Hong Kong.

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Oct 31, 2018 08:53
Last week, my cousin had a business trip to Hong Kong. At first, we wanted to find a place sitting down while enjoying delicious food together. However, both of us were too busy. We had four performances on weekend and her schedule was tight too. Finally, before her last day morning before leaving, we squeeze a little time to have a breakfast at a local Cha chaan teng. After that, I accompanied her to shop some souvenirs for her friends. Since I was not good at shopping, and almost knew nothing about brands. I was happy I could improve a little knowledge of it. I also bought a leather business card holder and a medicated balm which is said good to relieve muscle pain.
My lower back is easily hurt, so I’ve try this balm these days. I like the cool feeling when I apply the balm and like the herbal smell.
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