A Lecture About The Assassin

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Jul 30, 2016 21:59
A Lecture About The Assassin
Yesterday, my friend invited me to join a lecture about The Assassin (film). Because the lecturer is a mental counselor, this lecture is not talking about movie itself, but mental issues through this movie. I watched this movie last year. Last year, this also film played in the U.S. and France last year. If you had seen this film, you might know that it is not understood very easily. The tempo of the whole story is quite slow. There only are about 100 lines in the whole movie. That is, you cannot only appreciate the movie through lines, but observing expressions and actions of the characters, scenes and so forth. The lecturer analyzed in psychological perspective, and pointed out that this movie talks about “pursuing one’s own way”. The movie is like a mirror reflecting ours inward world.
What do we really want? How do we deal with the conflict between what we want and others’ expectations?
In fact, my reflection of viewing the film at that time is different from the analyst of the speaker. I thought it is about spirit of chivalrous attitude and justice. However, I agreed the speaker’s opinion. To be a person who can persist in pursuing his or her own road must be a very strong person.