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Jun 30, 2017 18:42
Fujiko F. Fujio and Doraemon
Yesterday I watched NHK’s documentaries. One of them was about Doraemon’s illustrator, Fujiko F. Fujio,. If you ask me “what’s my favorite animation?”, I will say “Doraemon” without hesitation. It plays important role in my childhood. Itis intriguing that Doraemon has many amazing gadgets which develop incredible stories. And the its round appearance and kindhearted, sometimes clumsy, characteristics are so cute. I cannot help but smile when I see Doraemon. You can read the short stories with relaxed mood. The long stories about adventure and dream are educational. By the way, when I watched the ending of animation, I cried. I couldn’t bear to see Doraemon’s crying. The cosmist artist Fujiko F. Fujio has said that “fantasy saved me.” What he said resonated with me. What a wonderful fantasy that gives us enormous joy and happiness.

藤子・F・不二雄和哆啦A夢(小叮噹 中譯)
昨天看了NHK的紀錄片,其中一個是在講藤子・F・不二雄的。如果問我最喜歡什麼動畫,我會毫不猶豫地說「哆啦A夢」。哆啦A夢是我小時候不可欠缺的記憶。各式各樣神奇的道具所開展不可思義的故事充滿魅力,而哆啦源滾滾的模樣,心地善良有時又會有點笨拙的個性真是太可愛了! 我只要一見到它就不自覺嘴角上揚。讀哆啦A夢短篇故事時可以很輕鬆很有趣,看長篇夢想和冒險有故事時,則是覺得充滿叫郁意義。對了,我在看最終回(哆啦A夢回來了)時哭了。不忍心看到哆啦哭的樣子呀!