Reflection of playing a Chinese video game

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Feb 25, 2017 23:48
Reflection of playing a Chinese video game
There are four-day holidays from today. I don’t have special plan and only want to enjoy my leisure time. Now I am playing a video RPG game,“Gu Jian Qi Tan2 (The tale of ancient swords2)” made by China. I really love playing the ancient Chinese style’s video game. It integrates many Chinese cultural elements involving myths, legends, history, religions (Taoism and Buddhism), customs and classical literatures. No matter in story or artistic design reflect aesthetic perspective and taste. Sometimes I feelChinese Han culture is largely influenced by western modernization, so those elements have been far from our daily life. However, recreating these cultural elements through imagination is intriguing. The story of the game is wonderful, very touching, and worth pondering.
By the way, I heard that it is Taiwan had made this kind of game first, but now China seems doing better than us. Perhaps the environment and resources are not friendly. I feel sorry for that.