A Little Embarrassing Thing

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Nov 15, 2017 16:34
A Little Embarrassing Thing
Yesterday, I went back to my office after a meeting. When I went by the copy room, a chief of another section called me. She gave a paper, and said, ”I think it’s yours, though may be you left it on the photocopier for a long time.” I recognized it as my draft for the Cantonese interview at the first glance. There were simple sentences such as introducing who I am or saying hello written in black words, but full of messy spellings in red words. The spelling was not Bopomofo (Zhuyin fuhao) which we learn in Taiwan or Romanization. They were strange phonetic transcription of phonemes according to my intuition of pronounce a sound at the first sight of these spellings. To prepare the urgent interview, my tutor used this method to teach me Cantonese pronunciation. Amazingly, it did work to help me catch sound in an effective way. However, I felt a bit embarrassed when others saw my notes. So I shred my notes right away.
昨天我開完會回辦公室,當我經過影印間時,別的單位的長官叫住我說:「我覺得這是你的東西,也許已經放很久了」。我定晴一瞧,發現是我上次面試的稿子。上面用黑字寫了幾句自我介紹和打招呼的用語,但充斥了紅色的標音,那些標音不是我們台灣學習的注音符號也不是羅馬拼音,而是根據我發音直覺所寫出來的奇怪的拼音。我的家教用了這種方法讓我快速應付上次緊急的面試。神奇的是,這真能夠幫助我有效掌握那些聲音。不過被別人看到我的筆記,還是覺得很害羞呀! 所以我就把我的筆記碎掉了。