A Quarrel

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Oct 22, 2017 19:11
A Quarrel
Today, I quarreled with my brother. The reason was a bit boring. My mother and brother likes to interrupt me when I chat with them. It is fine to interrupt one or two times, but I feel annoyed when they interrupt over three times and keep doing it. When the situation happens, I often unhappily say “that’s annoying and I can’t continue” or “I am not going to talk.” Then, they blame me that I am too sensitive and ask me continue to say. It makes me displeased. First, their interruptions are easy to make me forget what I want to say in the beginning, or spoiled the atmosphere. But if I don’t keep talking, it seems that I lose my temper for no reason.
Furthermore, they don’t feel any sorry for interrupting others, even though it hurts someone’s feeling. They think what I talk is tedious, I am the person who should be self-criticized my speaking skills. My brother even says that I have superiority unconsciously that everyone should listen to me carefully. It is complete misunderstanding, but useless to explain.
I know I am a high sensitive and not so easygoing person. I also know I am not articulated. I feel frustrated.