Words I Want to Say to Japanese

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Apr 24, 2017 17:17
Words I Want to Say to Japanese
I have learned Japanese for almost three years. I still remember the times when I memorize Gojūon. In the beginning, I didn’t know anything about Japanese. Now I could use my poor Japanese to communicate. I feel excited when learning new things and clear up confusion. Learning a language is a long way. It seems that there is no end, and I can’t make sure if I am progressing or not. But when look back and see my footprints. I feel a little fulfilled. One of the reasons that I love learning Japanese more is because I was received so much help from so many kind people. It makes me feel how wonderful learning Japanese is. I hope that I can learn more their people and culture via this language. I will continue to have fun on learning it.
PS. Next time, I want to write words to English. I have relatively more complicated emotion to English. XDD
附註:我下次要寫對英文想說的話,我對英文的感覺比較複雜呀! 哈哈~