Watching Live Game Streaming “DEVOTION”

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Mar 14, 2019 16:54
The Taiwanese horror game “DEVOTION” has been very popular recently. I listened to the theme song of this game, and was fond of it, so I started to get interested in this game. However, now this game has been removed on Steam. I didn’t have choice but watching the live game streaming. I found that there were many foreigner players. This was my first time watching foreign streamers playing a Taiwanese game, and I was obsessed by it. Those streamers chatted and had different reactions while playing the game. It might be more interesting than playing the game by myself.
By the way, I found that I could not understand what they were talking about completely. I should put more efforts to study languages.

看【DEVOTION 還願】的遊戲實況
最近台灣的恐怖遊戲【DEVOTION 還願】非常火紅。偶然聽到遊戲的主題曲,很喜歡,對遊戲產生興趣。但是現在遊戲已經從Steam上面下架了,所以不能玩。只能在Youtube上看其他玩家的實況。發現有很多外國的玩家。第一次看外國人玩台灣遊戲的實況,不小心就入迷了。實況主一邊玩遊戲一邊評論,看著他們玩遊戲的反應,可能比自己玩還有趣。
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