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Oct 19, 2016 15:51
In the trip to Japan, I heard a little bit Yayue, which was originally a form of Chinese classical music that was performed at imperial courts and spread other Asian countries such as Japan and Korea. Basically Yayue of court has lost in China. Japan and Korea still preserve Yayue, but have evolved into local music which differs from the original one. I had listened to Chinese Yayue for few times in the rites of Confucius’ Birthday in Taiwan. This kind of music sounds solemn and elegant because it has functions of cultivation and morality. Accordingly, the tempo of the Yayue is slow and does not make you excited or emotionally stirred. When you listen to Yayue, you will feel peaceful and harmonized. Though I do not listen to Yauye very often, I love this kind of music very much. So I felt glad when I personally listened Japanese Yauye in Japan. I am really interested in it and want to listen to the concerning music more.
Chinese Court Music

Japanese Court Music