A Good Video about Learning Languages

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Feb 21, 2017 21:34
A Good Video about Learning Languages
Last week, I saw someone one Lang8 shared the video called “hacks to speed up to learn English and Japanese.” A Taiwanese teacher taught with a clip of Japanese TV show. It was a special program about learning English and points out the issues of Japanese people learning this language. I think that for Taiwanese people, occluding myself, have the same difficulties while learning English, so this video is very helpful. Besides, I admire Japanese people’s spirit of getting to the bottom of things. I took some notes from this video.
1. Listening is the only one to learn a language. You can’t speak a language without understanding it by listening.
2. Brains treat unfamiliar sounds as noise.
3. We can extend our range of sound by training
4. Brains work different parts according various languages.
5. Practicing 1 hour every day and continuing it at least 100 hours are necessary.
6. Use various senses to cultivate the language zone.
7. It is crucial to cultivate English’s language zone
8. English conversation is like exercising
9. Only activate right hemisphere, can we speak fluent English
10. Cultivate the intuition of languages
1. 人必須聽才可以學語言。如果聽不懂就沒辦法說這個語言。
2. 大腦會將不習慣的頻率當成雜音處理掉。
3. 透過訓練可以擴增音域
4. 腦會根據不同語言而有不同的使用區域
5. 每天練一個小時,持續一百個小時是必要的
6. 善用各種感覺來培養語言區
7. 培養英語會話的語言區是必要的
8. 英語會話如同運動
9. 活化右腦才能進行流利的英語會話
10. 培養語言的直覺

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