Translation Practice: I Want to Hug Kusamakura from My Mandarin Diary (1)

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Aug 10, 2018 18:26
I still can’t express my feelings and thoughts very well in English. With a flash inspiration, why not I try to practice translating my Chinese diary? I wrote this article spontaneously, so it maybe not easy to comprehend.
A few years ago when I was preparing my Civil Service examination, I found Chinese version Kusamakura at the library. Though I didn’t understand Japanese but I was impressed by the beautiful and exquisite writing. I wanted to continue reading it, but I didn’t know why I hadn’t done it for a long time. These days, this book suddenly came to my mind, and I started to read again. This time, I was touched so much while reading it. It seems that every word responds the issues I have been thinking but I didn’t explore it profoundly, especially the discussion on aesthetics in different cultures. That’s what I dreamt to study when I was a student but I didn’t really take into action.
Since too many messages from every paragraph which I need to mull over, I read this book at a very slow speed just like a turtle crawling and don’t know when I can reach the destination.
翻譯練習:我想抱草枕 (1)