Learning English From My Cousin

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May 25, 2017 21:12
Learning English From My Cousin
Yesterday I ask my cousin if he wanted to drink soya milk. He said “I am ok”. And we started to talk about different ways to say “yes” and “no” in English. For example, “I am ok” means “no”, while “ok” means “yes”. He taught me the casual ways and formal ways to say them. Sometimes you can say that only with sound such as “uh uh”. I asked him if he could teach me a proper way to say no without hurting someone’s feeling. He thought “no, thank you” would be polite enough. However, I would think that reply might to direct, especially if I understand it in our culture’s point of view. He said that English is relatively direct language than Chinese.
That’s cultural difference, isn’t it? I think it’s really interesting to know this.
昨天我問我表弟要不要喝豆漿,他說”我很好”。然後我們開始聊關於各種「拒絕」、「接受」不同的表達方式,比如說,「我很好」就是不要的意思「好」就是要的意思。他教我比較不正式和正式的表達方式。有時候你可以說幾個聲音來表達你的意思,像是「uh uh」。我請他教我比較禮貌不會傷人的表達方式。他說「不,謝謝您」已經夠禮貌了。但是如果用我的文化來理解,這好像有點太直接了。他說英文本身就是比中文直接的語言。我想這就是文化差異吧!能夠知道這些差異真的很有趣呀!