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Aug 13, 2019 08:53

Well, that would be fine if it was just a secondary preoccupation in life. But now, if it is something that is going to determine the quality of every instant of our life, then we better know what it is, have some clearer idea. And probably, the fact that we don't know that is why, so often, although we seek happiness, it seems we turn our back to it. Although we want to avoid suffering, it seems we are running somewhat towards it. And that can also come from some kind of confusions.
-Matthieu Ricard

的確,快樂要是生命中的次要元素,就能如此將就 不過,如果快樂 決定了生命中每一刻品質的優劣 那最好全盤瞭解、明確界定 而且,這樣的不求甚解是否導致 我們雖然追求快樂,卻常常與它背道而馳 即使想要避開苦難,卻反而向它直奔而去 觀念混淆也可能造成這樣的後果
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