My First Japanese Translation Seminar

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Dec 18, 2017 01:28
My First Japanese Translation Seminar
My colleague who participated the Japanese interview took me to participate a Japanese Translation Seminar. The first trial was free. Today’s topic is Mozart. We read an article about Mozart and tried to translate. The teacher did not only teach translation but also knowledge relevant to classical music. When I was young, I had been keen in classical music and bought many albums. I loved Mozart’s music too, especially his symphonies and opera. Through this seminar, I could listen to Mozart music which I hadn’t listened to it once again. It made me nostalgic and moved.
I don’t know why I have been sentimental and being touched easily these days. I feel so thankful that I can have chances to expose myself to these beautiful things.
Back to talking the Japanese translation seminar, my Japanese ability was still not so good. When we were doing the listening practices, I almost didn’t understand at all.
However, since the seminar is interesting, I still wanted to continue to join it.
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