Dictating and Translating Practice: Plain weaving(00:00-01:06)

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Feb 28, 2017 17:10
Dictating and Translating Practice: Plain weaving(00:00-01:06)
Let me show you how to create a plain weaving, also known as tabby weaving. We start with that loom already wrapped. These vertical threads are called warp threads. Starting from the left hand side of the wrap insert a flat stick known as a shed stick or weaving sword between each warp thread. Alternative so the one warp sits on top of the shed stick, and the other one sits behind the shed stick. Twisting the shed stick will put every alternate warp thread either to the bank of the front, creating what is known as “open shed”. For our first row of plain weaving we are going to open the shed with the shed stick as shown here. I have pre-yarned some weft yarn onto this small stick shuttle. The weft is the yarn that travels horizontally over and under the warp thread. Starting from the right edge, pass shuttle through the shed opening, and pull straight to the left edge.