Reading poetry

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Jul 19, 2016 17:25
Reading poetry
Poetry is a form of literature that highly integrates contents and forms and reveals aesthetic sense. Poetry can not only display an author’s thoughts and feelings in an imaginative way but also mirror the society and culture.
During my school days, we must learn ancient and modern poetry in our Mandarin text books. I like Chinese ancient poetry because it is very beautiful. If you read Chinese ancient poetry in Taiwanese or other Chinese dialects, you will feel the poetry differently. Some people think that since those languages are nearer to ancient Chinese, they can present more phonaesthetics. Reading poetry can improve one’s mind. Confucius says “Poetry can encourage one’s passion, let us observe the world, make people harmonize and express one’s anger.”I want to read more poetry not only Chinese poetry but also English and Japanese poetry.
Can you share your favorite English poetry or poets with me?