Things to be Grateful Yesterday

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Feb 8, 2017 15:51
Things to be Grateful Yesterday
1. One colleague offered me a cup of coffee made by him.
2. My mother showed me beautiful photos of chrysanthemum. It made us think of my grandfather who was passed away. I love chrysanthemum more and more, especially chrysanthemum like a ball.
3. I received New Year Greeting card. It was filled with words and many smile faces drawn on it. It was lovely.
4. Many people encouraged me.
5. The communication in work was smooth. And one colleague stood up to me for the unreasonable work arrangement.
1. 同事請我喝他自己泡的咖啡。
2. 媽媽給我看很漂亮的菊花照片。讓我們想起了過世的外公。我越來越喜歡菊花了,尤其是長的像球的菊花。
3. 收到了大學朋友寄給我的賀年卡。上面寫滿了字,還畫了可愛的笑臉,覺得很窩心。
4. 身邊的人給我打氣。
5. 工作上和同事溝通很順利。而且同事為我不合理的分工抱不平。
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