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May 12, 2017 17:16
Yesterday I chatted with Kumama on Line. Kumama was nice and friendly. He taught me with patience. The part I didn’t understand, he would repeat slowly. And his Mandarin is good too, so it seemed that there’s nothing I could help him. Since my Japanese is poor, sometimes I could not comprehend what he said well, and sometimes I could not express myself. The following sentences are what I had wanted to say but failed. It may be a good practice for my English too.
1. I don’t have a pet. Since my house is not suitable for having a pet, I can ‘t take care of it well.
2. In Taiwan, many people wear swimsuit to go to a hot spring bath. It is because Taiwanese people feel shy being nude. However, nude hot spring bath become more and more in Taiwan.
3. Have you tried fortune teller near Longshan Temple.
What I learned yesterday:
そんなことないです not really/ it’s note true沒有沒有/不是那樣的
罰金 fine
霊媒少女 The Teenage Psychic通靈少女
怪談 ghost story鬼故事
幽霊 ghost鬼
お線香 incense香
イタコPsychic 靈媒
スラムダンクslam dump 灌籃高手
1. 我家沒有養寵物,因為我家不適合養寵物,沒辦法好好照顧寵物。
2. 在台灣,大家穿泳衣泡溫泉,因為大家覺得裸體很害羞,但是現在裸湯越來越多了。
3. 有在龍山寺附近算過命嗎?
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