English Language Exchange: Emoji and Emoticon

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May 14, 2017 22:50
English Language Exchange: Emoji and Emoticon
Today I did an English language exchange on Skype. In the English part, we talked about Emoji and Emoticon. She showed me some cute emojis and emoticons with me. I finally understood the difference between emoji and emoticon. We call emoji “貼圖” and emoticon“顏文字”. The former is like pictures of facial expressions, and t he later is emotional expressions made of characters.
In the Chinese part, we practiced pronunciation of vegetable and fruits. It was interesting. But I couldn’t type simplified Chinese characters. So it is inconvenient to transfer traditional ones to simplified ones. My partner can speak many languages. She said that she will teach me English and Japanese both. She is so kind and friendly.

The following is what I learned today.
Flip over the table 翻桌
Is this for real? Really?
Really right now? 這是真的嗎? 怎麼會這樣?