How Do We Realize Our Dreams?

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Aug 25, 2017 20:05
How Do We Realize Our Dreams?
I am continuing the topic of knowledge talk shows. I have talked about this professor who has taught politics in the university for almost 40 years. In recent days, his students make his lessons into interesting videos and put them on Youtube.
As a result, he becomes very popular. Besides, he publishes two books this month.
His proposition seems a bit extreme at first look so he receives polarized evaluations. The video I share today is he answers his students “how do we realize our dreams.” I felt encouraged. Here the notes I wrote.
1. Be responsible to your own dream.
2. Dream is abstract and responsibility is concrete.
3. How big your dream is decides how big your responsibly.
4. Every life has his or her pursuit for destiny(dream).
5. It is important that you have a dream. Don’t think about you realize it or not. Think if you down to earth realize it by every small step.
6. Forward to your dream. When you need rest, jut take a break. Don’t be rush.
1. 自己要對自己的夢想負責。
2. 夢想是抽象的,責任是具體的。夢想就是精神和靈魂。
3. 夢想的大小決定了責任的大小。
4. 人的生命必有命運(夢想)的追求。
5. 有沒有夢想才是最重要的。不要一直去想有沒有實現夢想。要去想是否一點一滴的朝這個夢想努力。
6. 朝著夢想前進,該休息的時候還是要休息。別急躁。