Más práctica con 'Si hubiese sabido.....'

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Jun 19, 2018 04:15
1) Si hubiese sabido que al ayudar a la policía detener un asesino habría salvado las vidas de algunas mujeres, yo la habría ayudado.

2) Si hubiese sabido que al ayudar a mi madre cocinar la cena le habría ahorrado tiempo, yo la habría ayudado.

3) Si hubiese sabido que al ayudar a mi hermana estudiar para su examen ella lo habría aprobado, yo le habría ayudado.

4) Si hubiésemos sabido que viajar por avión era más barato que tomar el tren, habríamos comprado boletes de avión en vez de boletos de tren.

5) Si ustedes hubiesen sabido que la carretera era cerrado habrían tomado otra ruta para llegar a tiempo.

6) Si hubiese sabido que ella habría llegado antes que su madre, yo habría tratado de llegar más temprano.

7) Si hubiese sabido que Enrique habría preguntado sobre la decisión cambiar la fecha del examen antes que Roberta preguntó, yo la habría discutido con la clase entera.

1) If I would have known that to help the police append a murderer would have saved he lives of some women, I would have helped them.

2) If I had known that by helping my mother cook dinner I would have saved her time, I would have helped her.

3) If I had known that by helping my sister study for her test that she would have passed it, I would have helped her.

4) If we had known that traveling by airplane was cheaper than arriving by train, we would have bought airplane tickets instead of train tickets.

5) If you all had known that the highway was closed you would have taken another route to arrive on time.

6) If I had know that she would arrive before her mother, I would have tried to arrive earlier.

7) If I had known that Enrique would have asked about the decision to change the exam date before Roberta asked, I would have discussed it with the whole class.

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